Posted on March 02, 2015

End of 15-minute care visits in Cheshire East

It has been revealed that Cheshire East Council is to put an end to short 15-minute domiciliary home care visits. The announcement was made by the council leader, Michael Jones, at a full meeting. A number of organisations have long been campaigning against short home care visits, saying that 15 minutes is not long enough either for the care worker or for the client. The new system will start in April and will apply in the first instance to those who are new to the domiciliary home care service. The council will also be working to make alterations to care plans for those who are already in receipt of home care services so that longer visits can be brought in as soon as possible and shorter ones phased out. Clients will still be able to request a 15-minute visit, but only if they need help with a basic task such as making a drink or taking their medication. Short visits should only be used when longer visits are also being undertaken as part of a comprehensive care plan. The council has stated that 15-minute visits are not long enough to ensure that clients are treated with the right amount of respect and dignity. The council is prepared to invest in the domiciliary home care service to ensure that standards of care are raised in the area.
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