Posted on February 23, 2015

Dementia awareness training for all NHS staff

As part of the measures being taken to improve dementia care, all NHS staff will be given training in understanding the condition. David Cameron made the announcement as part of the national challenge on dementia initiative. £300m has been pledged by the government for research into the condition; in addition, a new global fund to fight dementia has been announced, which will see public and private sector investors working together. The prime minister also announced that England will be home to an international dementia institute within five years and a phone and internet service will be launched to help those who are taking part in research on dementia. The announcement has been welcomed by Professor Alistair Burns, the national clinical director for dementia at NHS England. He said that there is currently a greater awareness of dementia than there has ever been and that the way in which society views dementia is changing. If awareness continues to be raised, there is the potential for changing the way in which thousands of people live. The government has already taken a number of measures to tackle the growing problem of dementia. It is estimated that there will be one million people living with the condition in the UK by 2025 and the condition is now one of the biggest global burdens on health, at a cost of around £370bn; however, spending on dementia treatment and research is far lower than for conditions such as cancer.
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