Posted on August 20, 2014

Employing the right staff is essential in domiciliary home care

A home care provider has stated that recruiting the right care staff is essential in ensuring that the service is a success. Domiciliary home care providers are advised to ensure that the recruitment of the right staff is a priority and that they should be looking for attributes such as respect, compassion, empathy and responsibility, which will ensure that high standards of care are the norm and that staff have a positive and professional attitude to their work. It is also recommended that companies look for staff who are keen to keep learning and developing. Home care providers are also advised to value the feedback that they are given by their staff and to ensure that action is taken if improvements can be made. Clients are easily able to determine whether staff are happy, and happy staff are able to perform their duties to a higher standard. The Yorkshire chair of the RNHA, Konrad Czajka, has stated that this is an important time for the care industry when it comes to recruitment, partly because of the changes that are being made in the health service. He is calling upon the private sector to take advantage of the skills of nursing staff who have lost their jobs due to cuts in the NHS. Other industry experts are concerned that ageism is a factor when it comes to care staff recruitment and have called for domiciliary care providers to take advantage of the experience and dedication of older workers rather than losing them for good.
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