Posted on March 28, 2014

Employers to be hit by dementia care crisis

A study has shown that employers are set to be hit hard by the crisis in dementia care as the result of their employees needing to spend more time caring for their loved ones. The research was carried out by the Employers for Carers business group and shows that 90% of companies are worried about the effect the crisis is going to have on their business.  70% of companies have revealed that they are set to lose staff members due to their commitment to caring for family members suffering from dementia; around 66% feel that the crisis will have a negative effect on the health of their workers. Around 90% of employers are aware that they have staff members who have caring commitments, which are usually for elderly members of the family or dementia sufferers.  There is also significant evidence that some workers have not told their employer that they have these commitments due to the stigma surrounding it. It is estimated that 6.5 million people in the UK are unpaid carers for family members and it is expected that the number of people providing dementia care will increase by around 25% by 2020.  Many of those caring for a dementia sufferer already believe that their work has suffered and are concerned that they may not be able to work in the future. There is evidence to show that care and support services are not providing the help needed by those who care for a family member with dementia.  These statistics are supported by personal stories from people caring for a dementia sufferer.
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