Posted on July 25, 2014

Dorset home care providers come under fire

30 home care providers in Dorset have not met national care standards, according to the CQC. 14 providers in West Dorset did not meet all five standards set out by the CQC, which has made its inspection reports available online. The findings come soon after an investigation was carried out by a local newspaper into the county's care home provision. A number of failings were discovered by the CQC; many of these concerned record keeping, the procedures surrounding the administration of medicines, and the protection of vulnerable adults from abuse. One example involved a supervisor not passing on details of an abuse allegation, with this decision supported by their manager. The same company was not keeping accurate records about incidents that could have an effect on both health and welfare. Another provider of domiciliary home care had no methods in place to assess mental capacity. Some clients' notes contained details of them being 'persuaded' to have care and of phone interviews held with clients suffering from dementia. Local councillor Francis Drake has stated that he believes care workers should be encouraged to report colleagues and services if they see that mistakes are not being reported and corrected. The CQC has confirmed that there will be follow-up inspections for those providers that have failed to meet the relevant standards. With a new ratings system being launched in October, services that do not meet the standards need to be aware that there will be consequences.
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