Posted on December 10, 2014

Domiciliary home care accounts for largest percentage of LA expenditure

It has been revealed that the largest area of local authority (LA) expenditure for the financial year 2013-14 was domiciliary home care. Figures show that almost half the expenditure (46%) was on home care services, which amounts to £7.9bn. The Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) says that this is an increase of 2% since 2008-09; in addition, there was an increase in direct payments, which accounted for 8% (£1.4bn) of the total expenditure. Direct payments are personal budgets allocated to clients so that they can plan their own care services. When the figures are broken down by client type, those aged 65 and over account for 51% (£8.8bn) of local authority expenditure; however, this represents a drop of 12% from 2008-09, when the expenditure was £10.1bn. The figures from HSCIC also show that spending on adult social care and domiciliary home care is higher than eight years ago (£17.2bn compared with £15.9bn); however, spending is not as high as during the peak period of 2009-10 (£18.2bn). The chair of HSCIC, Kingsley Manning, says that these figures are very useful for both members of the public and social care professionals in understanding how the funding is used and where local authorities are spending their money. The figures in the report were collected from each of England's 152 local authorities with responsibility for social care.
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