Posted on August 27, 2014

Dementia care concerns in Cheshire East

The council in Cheshire East has come under fire for not keeping the public informed about the changes that it wants to make to dementia care services. The council's Dementia Commissioning Plan includes making changes to the way in which respite care is offered, and there are concerns that this could lead to the closure of one of the region's care homes. The council is also considering the privatisation of a number of other services, including domiciliary home care. There are concerns that the council has not been giving the right information to those who use these services and members of the public; therefore, many people do not know whether they will be affected. The council is now entering a six-week consultation period for its plans after a number of local councillors were contacted by people concerned about the lack of information. Councillors have spoken out about the anger felt by the community and the fear that dementia care services are going to be removed. The council has stated that the planned changes are due to the increase in demand for care services. Almost 5,500 residents in the region have been diagnosed with dementia and this is set to increase to almost 7,000 within six years. The consultation process began on Monday 25th August and those who use the services will be able to have a one-to-one meeting with social workers and council representatives. The council has pointed out that it has not made any final decisions, particularly when it comes to the location of respite care services.
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