Posted on February 03, 2014

Dementia care challenge in Doncaster

It has been estimated that there are around 2,000 people in the Doncaster area who are living with dementia but have not had an official diagnosis. Health bosses in the region have stated dementia care is going to be one of their biggest challenges, and the NHS has confirmed that there is an ever-increasing number of people being diagnosed with the condition.  Figures show that £43.4 million was spent in 2013 on dementia care services. The region is now launching a new scheme designed to help those suffering from dementia to lead a normal life.  Doncaster has been chosen because it is considered that the health services in the region have an excellent track record in diagnosing dementia.  The dementia map recently published by the Department of Health shows that there are around 4,000 dementia sufferers in the area, only half of whom have been diagnosed; however, this diagnosis rate is higher than the national average. The local health services are now tasked with closing the gap between those who have been diagnosed and those who remain undiagnosed, with improving dementia services being a top priority.  The health services are also going to be working with various charities to help to raise awareness of dementia care and the issues that surround it. Global figures show that there are around 44 million people with dementia; it is expected that this figure will increase by 2050 to 135 million.  Dementia is currently seen as one of the world's biggest health challenges.
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