Posted on February 05, 2014

Councils not paying enough for care at home

It has been discovered that councils in England are paying less than the recommended amount for care at home visits. A BBC investigation has shown that only four out of 101 councils are paying the minimum amount recommended by the UK Homecare Association, which wants the hourly rate to cover the cost of not only wages but also travel and training.  One provider has stated that it is not possible to provide a good quality of care at the rate that is currently being paid. The current average minimum rate being paid by councils is £12.26 and it is widely considered that this does not cover the true cost of home care; however, some people consider that the recommended amount of £15.19 per hour is too high.  It is also considered that some councils are using their influence to bring prices down.  There are calls for councils to improve their working relationships with the domiciliary home care providers to develop a more sustainable industry. The cost of care should naturally vary, as it will depend upon the region and the location of those who need help.  Funding for council services has been cut overall, even though the government has put more funding into social care. The council in Warrington has been revealed to pay one of the lowest amounts for home care at £9.09, but has stated that it gets good feedback about the services it provides.  Norman Lamb,  the care and support minister, has stated that councils need to look into how they can provide better value for money without losing quality of care. Source:
National Framework Supplier