Posted on April 02, 2014

Concerns raised in Bradford about short home care visits

Bradford Council has carried out a probe into short home care visits and has raised concerns about its findings. There have previously been concerns raised about the lack of time given to home care clients, with some only getting a 15-minute visit.  There was a denial in the Bradford region that this was happening, however an inquiry has revealed that there are some inconsistencies in the amount of time that has been allocated to care by some of the domiciliary home care providers. The cases are now being investigated in greater detail.  It was found that some 15-minute visits are provided simply to give medications or prepare a light meal. However, it was also found that some providers are not allowing enough time for the tasks that need to be completed.  The investigation showed that some families need to provide care services for loved ones, even if there is a private company visiting each day. One councillor in the region, Jeanette Sutherland, has asked for more clarification on certain aspects of the area's care service; as a result, there will be a scrutiny investigation beginning in May.  The investigation will focus on 12 key points connected to care in the area. There is also concern that some workers are not receiving minimum wage for their work.  Councillor Sunderland has also voiced concerns that some workers in this sector are too afraid to speak out about the inadequacies of the system.   Other councillors have stated that action is necessary now in order to prevent the problem from turning into a crisis.
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