Posted on April 28, 2014

Concern over care service cuts in Derbyshire

There have been calls for Derbyshire County Council to opt for alternative measures to save money rather than cutting adult care services. The council has stated that £65 million has to be saved from the current care budget and a disability group has suggested that the council simply charges more for care instead of cutting it back.  The proposal to alter the eligibility threshold for those who receive support from the council would reduce the number of people entitled to services such as domiciliary home care, which would save the council a great deal of money. The chairman of the board of Derbyshire County Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB), Paul Lobley, has claimed that members would be prepared to pay more for care services.  Discussions with members have revealed that the provision of the services is far more important and that people would be prepared to dig deep to keep them. Other suggestions made by the council include charging people more, reducing the budget for housing-related support, and altering transportation services to day care facilities.  There has been a consultation process that has now ended and the council is taking some time to consider the feedback before it makes a final decision. The council has stated that cuts have already been made in other areas; however, there is still a requirement for it to make substantial savings and the next category to come under consideration is adult care.  The aim is for the council to make £157 million in savings before 2018.
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