Posted on January 22, 2014

Community nurses to publicise their contribution to healthcare

Many previous governments have stated that they are committed to the provision of quality healthcare within the community; however, it now seems that nursing resources may be made available. There is an increasing need for care at home services, as more and more hospitals are speeding up discharge procedures and leaving patients needing more aftercare.  It is widely considered that care at home is going to be the future of nursing.  It is generally much better for the wellbeing of the patient to be at home, but at the present time there are not enough community nurses. It is estimated that in 2013-14 the community nursing workforce will be reduced by 1.5%, and by 2.1% in the following year; however, Health Education England is disputing these figures and is hoping for an increase in community nursing staff, although it has been pointed out that there are not enough nurses being trained for a career in the community. In order to encourage nursing staff to want to work in the community, it is considered to be important to change the image of community nurses as inferior to hospital nurses.  Jenni Middleton, the editor of Nursing Times, has called for community nurses to publicise the work they do in order to attract more trained and qualified nursing staff into the community.  Ms Middleton has also stated that until the health service recognises the importance of nursing both at home and in hospitals, there will never be an integrated health service focusing on the patient.
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