Posted on May 12, 2014

Care workers feel lack of understanding from friends

Domiciliary home care and care home workers feel that their friends do not understand how demanding their job can be. A survey of 173 people currently employed in the care sector showed that only one-third of care workers felt that their friends understood the demands of the role. The survey results were published at the same time as a calculation predicting that the country will need to have 209,000 extra nurses by 2050 as the population grows and ages. The researchers have pointed out that jobs in the caring professions are not regular 9-5 positions and have complex requirements and huge responsibilities. It is important for social work and the caring professions to attract more high achievers who want a long-term career in the sector, more people who see it as a vocation, and more graduates; however, it is vital to ensure that all recruits are aware of what the job entails so that they are motivated to succeed in the role. It is estimated that the population of the UK will be 74.5 million by 2050, and it is thought that many people do not understand exactly what a caring role entails. It is hoped that the care sector can work more closely with the media to ensure that the right message about care work is getting across; for example, criticism was levelled at the media recently for giving social workers a bad press and creating a negative image. Source:
National Framework Supplier