Posted on November 21, 2014

Care service changes reviewed in Bradford

People who make use of care services in Bradford have been given the chance to voice their opinions about the changes that have been made due to social care budget cuts. The seminar was held by the Bradford Cares consortium, which comprises a number of local charities and welfare groups. The latest seminar, which was the third such event, was held at the Carlisle Business Centre in Manningham and looked at how those using domiciliary home care services have been affected by budget cuts. Changes back in April saw the qualification threshold for domiciliary home care raised, with those categorised as having 'moderate' needs no longer eligible for home care support. This support is now only offered to those who fall into the 'substantial' or 'critical' categories and it was thought that up to 2,000 people would be affected and around 70 people would lose the right to care completely; however, figures show that of the 1,300 people who were reassessed by September, just nine saw their care package removed completely. The seminar saw criticism of Bradford Council's social care Access Point, with a number of residents struggling to get help they needed. There were also calls for more funding to be made available by the government for the local authority to use to improve care services, for better transportation for those who needed it, and for the improved integration of social care and NHS services. Bradford East MP David Ward stated that the council is now responding positively to the feedback given by the care users.
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