Posted on April 08, 2014

Acknowledging the great nurses who are unseen and unknown

There will always be reports of the negative side of any service, and the health area is no different. While reports of the positive side of nursing are few, those reporting great acts of service should be in the thousands; however, most would be deemed as simply being part of the everyday role of a nurse. Many of the nurses, agency nurses and health staff go about their everyday tasks and duties by fulfilling them above and beyond what is required. Their hard work and dedication to a role that is very demanding, no matter what area it is in, will generally remain in the background. There will always, of course, be those who are touched by the care from these incredible people who will tirelessly continue their work no matter what. Those patients and their families will always be grateful and even a simple card of thanks will go a long way in recognising the dedicated care they have received during their stay. It is a very difficult job and is one that many would be unable to do. The intention may be there to provide care, but it takes a special person to fulfil the role. Having only the negative aspects in any profession highlighted is a very unproductive thing to do; the good elements should never be forgotten. Showing even a little appreciation of the hard work carried out by the nursing staff up and down the country will encourage them to continue delivering first class care to all patients. Source:
National Framework Supplier