Posted on July 02, 2013

Concerns over new care threshold

A number of charities have voiced their concern about the plans for introducing care thresholds at a level of 'substantial needs', saying this new system will be unfair. The new system would see councils obliged to provide care services, including care at home services, for those who are considered to have 'substantial' requirements.  This system is set to be one that covers the whole country and will prevent councils from setting their own criteria. The policies have been criticised by a number of charities representing older people.  These charities want a more moderate threshold to be set, and they have stated that the suggested threshold will see many thousands of people left without adequate care.  The government has stated that the planned system will make it simpler for those who need care to understand what they are entitled to and also that these new thresholds will not create a major change in policy, as many councils have already set their threshold at 'substantial'.  By setting the threshold at the 'moderate' level, more than a quarter of a million more people would be entitled to care at an additional cost of £2 billion a year. It has been declared that these charity groups, represented by the Care and Support Alliance, will continue to campaign for changes to the planned system.  The criteria is a draft at the moment and will be assessed before it is revised for formal consultation next year.  The regulations need to be approved by both Houses of Parliament before they can become fixed, meaning that there is still time for a change to be made.
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