Posted on November 18, 2013

Concerns over fewer home care providers

It has been claimed that some care at home providers are leaving the industry as it is becoming difficult to make a profit. This has led healthcare experts to raise concerns that the domiciliary home care sector could become a problem for the NHS.  Home care prices have fallen and at the same time overheads have been rising.  There are also concerns that the gaps created by those leaving the industry cannot be filled by those that remain. The NHS will also be unable to fill the gap as staff levels have also been reduced.  New companies are not coming into the marketplace; there are many barriers and the low profit margins are putting many companies off.  There are also issues with payments due from the NHS, with many companies finding that these do not arrive on time. It has also been claimed, however, that companies that employ qualified and experienced nurses to administer medications in the patient's own home will have more opportunities with profit margins set to rise for this type of service, as it is considered to be more specialised than the standard domiciliary home care. Home care services are deemed to be essential in order for patients to avoid unnecessary hospital stays, and budgetary requirements mean that the NHS is searching for the lowest prices all the time.  This is having an adverse effect on sister industries such as pharmaceuticals.  Without the higher profit margins, there will be fewer companies around to deliver the services.
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