Posted on August 13, 2013

Concern for social care in Rutland

Reviews of social care services in Rutland have led to concerns that there will be cuts and higher charges in place for some patients. It is estimated that the planned changes could affect in excess of 100 people.  The council has been tasked with saving £65,000 from its adult social care budget this year alone, and the savings will need to be even higher next year.  Spending cuts coupled with the ageing population have led to proposals for changes in the way that patients are assessed; Rutland is one of the few councils that currently offers care to those who have moderate, substantial and critical needs. Reassessment could then be carried out on more than 100 people who are currently listed as 'moderate', and these people could lose access to domiciliary home care altogether if the plans go ahead.  The council has already announced the proposals and the community has been given the opportunity to voice its opinions.  Council leader Roger Begy has stated that the feedback received was very useful and that there are still opportunities for people to get in touch with their point of view. Charges for social care are also set to be reviewed in light of the savings that need to be made.  The final decision will not be made until September, and there will be several council meetings in the meantime to go over the proposals.  Changes will be in place from 1st October if the plans are given approval, and those who will need to be reassessed will be contacted beforehand.
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