Posted on December 02, 2013

Concern for future of care at home services

Despite social services in the Worcester region being listed as among the best in the UK, concern has been raised that the latest round of cuts could damage the quality of the service. Data revealed by the Department of Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) shows that around £32 million could be cut by Worcestershire County Council, dramatically reducing the adult services budget.  This has led to concerns about the effect this may have on the region's infirm and elderly. People around the country are now able to compare the social service provision in different areas thanks to the new website launched by the HSCIC.  The website shows that care at home and other health services in the area are ranked very highly when compared with other parts of the country. This good standing could easily be affected by some of the changes that are due to take place, however.  A meeting of the county council cabinet took place recently and was attended by care at home staff and representatives of other organisations.  The changes that have been suggested have been named Future Lives, and a consultation on these changes is to take place. A number of social care workers are requesting that the council reconsiders its options.  Among the changes are the replacement of some domiciliary home care services with assistive technology and the closing of day centre facilities.  The council has tried to allay fears by stating that the new measures are designed to promote independent living and health, and to give residents more control over their care services.
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