Posted on July 17, 2013

Concern at changes in care at home services

Concerns have been voiced regarding the plans to move domiciliary home care services to private providers in parts of Northern Ireland. The Southern Health Trust has changed the way in which care at home services are offered, although only for the month of July, and the union NIPSA has expressed concern that this could result in job losses and an inadequate service if this situation continues.  The trust has responded by stating that its staff will be responsible for commissioning care and that there will be no redundancies.  The changes to the current system are to be reviewed at the end of July.  The union has stated that its members have been told that the changes are being made with a view to saving money for the month of July only. NIPSA believes that this will not be a short-term change and it is a policy that will be continued, as there will be an ongoing need for savings.  The trust has stated that some of the domiciliary home care services are still being provided in-house, although the union believes there is little evidence of this.  The director of older people and primary care for the trust, Angela McVeigh, has stated that care is still offered by the trust if the private providers are unable to meet the requirements within one hour. Reassurances have been given to staff that assessments will continue as usual and that this will be the case no matter which organisation is providing the care.
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