Posted on November 18, 2013

Communication with dementia carers to be improved

Those who are working within the dementia care sector will be encouraged to improve communications with healthcare professionals as part of the Triangle of Care initiative. Carers for those with dementia often find it difficult to have their opinions heard by medical professionals and are often without the information they need to work effectively.  The Triangle of Care initiative has been launched by the Carers Trust in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing to work with sufferers and their carers.  It aims to set out a framework that will allow better communication to improve the management of the condition so that all those involved will benefit. There are six main standards involved in the Triangle of Care, which include factors such as identifying the needs of the sufferer and the carer, improving training for staff working in dementia care, providing a point of contact for carers so that stronger relationships can be built, and providing ongoing support for the carer.  One of the issues with dementia patients spending time in hospital is that medical professionals can have a 'leave it to us' approach, which freezes out the carer. This initiative is set to be launched soon in nine hospitals throughout England and Wales by the Royal College of Nursing, which is working to improve training and care of dementia patients in hospitals; other hospitals will be encouraged to sign up.  One of the hopes of the project is that professionals will be able to learn from those who have spent time caring for loved ones with dementia.
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