Posted on June 27, 2013

Call for improvement in dementia diagnosis rates

There have been calls for improved dementia diagnosis so that around two-thirds of cases are diagnosed by 2015. It is estimated that less than half of dementia sufferers have currently been diagnosed.  It has also been suggested that the number of people suffering from dementia could be halved if there was more being done to prevent occurrences.   One suggestion is to use mental agility testing, but there are concerns that this would lead to worry.  The aim is for diagnosis rates to match those currently reached in Scotland and Northern Ireland.  At the moment the diagnosis rate in England is around 45%. It is not the first time that the issue of dementia diagnosis has been raised.  The prime minister made it a priority more than a year ago with his 'challenge on dementia'.  This incorporated improving understanding of the condition, more research into it, and improving dementia care. A number of people are affected by vascular dementia.  Some doctors believe that by focusing on the risks for this, more cases could be prevented and lead to improved dementia care for those who need it.  It would also help to reduce the strain on health services around the country as the number of people who are diagnosed with the condition rises. The prime minister has also announced that the UK will work hard with other countries so that research into dementia is given an international approach and more measures are put into place to prevent the condition and help those who are suffering from it.
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