Posted on July 11, 2012

Dementia care could be better

A new report has been released regarding dementia care involving agency nurses and other professionals working in social care. The report was created with the desire to improve the rate of dementia detection and to plan for the upcoming care requirements. Dementia is one of the hardest diseases to diagnose in the early stages, as the individual will seem fine on the whole but small things may be inconsistent or different. Diagnosis rates currently show that about 61.5% are diagnosed in Northern Ireland compared to 41% in England and 37.4% in Wales. This is the percentage of patients with dementia who have actually been diagnosed, meaning that there are a high percentage of sufferers who have yet to be diagnosed by professionals. A patient who is being cared for with another condition and might also be suffering from dementia should have different care to a patient without the disease. It is also imperative for social care procedures that the person receives the monetary benefits to help them cope with their dementia and the care that it requires. Taking care of an individual with dementia is not easy, especially for the family members. Providing proper dementia care, such as meals, bathing and keeping their mind active, is imperative. Without a diagnosis and determination of what stage of dementia the individual is in, planning for their proper care is more difficult than when the disease stage is known.
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