Posted on July 20, 2012

Bristol City Council to close all of its elderly care homes

It has been announced that Bristol City Council is planning to close eight of its residential care homes over the next three years, leaving many elderly and in need people considering care at home or having to make other arrangements with a different care home. The move to close the care homes comes as part of the city council's plans to modernise its care services and will also include the closure of seven day care centres by 2015. If the plans were given the go-ahead, this would represent Bristol City Council closing all of its homes for the elderly and only providing dementia care and rehabilitation. There are plans, however, for two of the homes to undergo extensive refurbishment in connection with an external partner, but the move still points towards the privatising of elderly care and leaving many old people at risk. Broomhill in Brislington, Bowmead in Stockwood, Maesknoll in Hengrove, Coombe in Henbury, Rockwell in Kingsweston, Hayleigh in Bedminister and St Peter's in Horfield will all be closed completely. The Westleigh care home, which is located in St George, will no longer be open to permanent residents and will become used only for rehabilitation for those people who have spent time in hospital, while two other homes will be refurbished and reopened as dementia care homes and for those people who are in need of nursing care.
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