Posted on September 29, 2012

A new approach to care rating

Residents will now rate care homes in a new approach to the way in which social and healthcare is measured. After the loss of confidence in a dedicated watchdog, this new method of monitoring will be trialled by 50,000 residents and their families under the title of Your Care Rating, and will provide both the care home and potential residents with a better review of each home. With past failings in the care home sector, this new method of performance measuring will provide much better and more independent results. The residents of the care homes and their families will be provided with a questionnaire that will ask then for ratings on different aspects of the home, including security measures, the food that is provided, activities for the residents, and the privacy of those staying in the home. There will be a section on the staff at the home, along with whether the respondents would recommend the home to others and how happy they are it. It is hoped that, once the results of the survey are published, this will continue and become a regular occurrence that will involve a lot more of the 400,000 residents of care homes throughout the UK. This will good news for both existing residents and those in the process of deciding on which care home to chose, as it will provide them with a better picture on which the best care homes are and which ones are not performing well Sources: The Guardian  
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